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How To Be The Smartest Investor In Town

Have you heard of the new investor in town? According to the ROI of garage door installation, replacing your older, aged garage door for a new one makes you a smart investor! Hold that money you’ve been saving up for a new kitchen or bathroom remodel, because both are getting beat year after year to new garage door installation. Standing at an impressive 93.3% for ROI, otherwise known as return on investment, you can expect significant financial benefits from your new garage door. 

We’ve detailed the major money-saving and lifestyle-changing benefits from garage door installation ROI in this article, so you can plan on being the smartest investor in town! With locations in Redding and Chico, start with Pro Garage Doors to help you invest in your home for the better! 

ROI of garage door installation
new garage door

Embrace The Ultimate Money-Saving Aesthetic: A New Garage Door 

Home improvement projects that yield a high ROI aren’t the only reason people spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on materials, installation, and other unforeseen costs. While choosing to improve your kitchen island or matching your home’s siding to the birdbath all provides a pleasant aesthetic, it doesn’t reinforce the fantastic turnaround that a new garage door brings to your future. 

The best news of all is whatever effort you put into your garage door– whether it’s picking out a custom color, investing in prompt repairs or garage door maintenance, it’s a worthy investment for your home, especially if you put it on the market.

The Main Reason For the High ROI of Garage Door Installation

The way a new garage door installation automatically increases your home’s curb appeal, ensures your home’s safety, boosts energy efficiency, and cements your home’s security are all reasons why it’s placed at #1 on leading home improvement lists year after year. 

1. Immediately Improve Curb Appeal

Replace that old and worn-out garage door you’ve been hanging on to! A new garage door installation instantly improves your home’s exterior look. Our installation experts can help you choose the best style and color for your home to maximize on impressing your neighbors and the casual passerby.

2. Cemented Safety and Security

The garage is built to hold valuable possessions. Switching out a battered or weathered garage door for a new one expresses that you’ve invested in security features such as motion-sensor lighting, smartphone connectivity capabilities, and other modern safety features.

3. Ultimate Energy Efficiency = Lower Utility Bills

The ROI of new garage doors comes with the promise of better energy efficiency, even higher if you add insulation! Playing hand in hand with cementing the safety benefits, new garage door installation also comes with quality weatherstripping, keeping the air you pay for within the home. Your heating and cooling system will thank you for it!

Opt Into Custom Options For Your Garage Door

Further enhance your door’s ROI by adding finishing touches like decorative hardware, paint-to-sample garage door colors, and specialty stains or finishes. You can contrast and expose your hinges one color against a backdrop of a garage door that enhances your home’s exterior. The other long-term benefits of ROI is enjoying friends and family time gathered around the garage door you’ve worked so hard on customizing to your home’s unique architecture, preferences, and family budget.

Say Hello To Your New Pro Garage Door

Allow us to help you choose your smartest home investment with new garage door installation. Browse our Design Gallery of recent installations to get some inspiration of the styles and designs available. Choose from various styles, colors, and materials, and you will find the perfect door to meet your needs plus reap the ROI benefits. 

At Pro Garage Doors, we offer residential and commercial garage door installation to homes and businesses near Chico, CA and Redding, CA and the surrounding cities. When you’re ready to experience the amazing ROI of garage door installation for your home or storefront, commercial building, warehouse, restaurant or other business, schedule an appointment with our team! We offer a free on-site estimate for new doors.

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