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New Garage Door Installation Near You

Pro Garage Doors offers new garage door installation for all of our customers. We provide excellent service for all of our valued service areas near Redding, CA, so let us come to you! Whether you’re building a new home, replacing a worn-out door, or are ready for an upgrade, we can help you find the perfect garage door for you. Pro Garage Doors specializes in high-quality, residential garage door services.

Our installation process is designed to be worry- and stress-free, and we are there with you every step of the way! We can help you choose the right style, material, and color for your home and your budget.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation for a new garage door installation. And check out our Design Gallery page to learn more about your options of getting the highest standard for your garage door!

Upgrade with Pro Garage Doors

Pro Garage Doors can help you find the perfect new garage door for your home! We specialize in installing all types of garage doors. It’s all in the name! Pro Garage Doors gets new garage door installation right the first time. We are the experts when it comes to garage doors, so you can trust us to correctly install yours.

Inside of a garage after a new garage door installation

Increase your Home’s Value with New Installation

There are many reasons to consider a new garage door for your home. Pro Garage Doors has worked in many residential areas, and each of them has turned out as if it’s a brand new house! A garage door replacement can also increase your home’s value if you’re looking to sell.

Pro Garage Doors achieves higher quality doors with completely upgraded components. You can add panels, windows, decorative hardware, and so much more! Let Pro Garage Doors open your mind to all the possibilities a new garage door can do for your home.

Top of the Line Security and More

New garage doors are complete with new safety and security features. Pro Garage Doors repairs and installs LiftMaster openers, and you can sleep better knowing that the new garage door openers on the market have access control and top-of-the-line connectivity capabilities.

We also offer our repair and installation services to commercial properties. Still on the fence? Be in the room with us and visit our Design Gallery page for major garage door inspiration! Pro Garage Doors installs nothing but the best, high-quality garage door materials and brands on the market.

New Garage Door Styles

With so many new styles of garage doors, you don’t have to be restricted by a simple, traditional garage door anymore. You’re free to be trendy and modern and choose a door that will instantly boost your home’s curb appeal.

Start with the exterior design to enhance the look of your house. You can’t go wrong with a refreshing or cutting-edge style to the face of your home. Read the following styles of garage doors, and customize your garage door with Pro Garage Doors today!

. Traditional

. Modern

. Carriage House


Traditional is an affordable garage door style option, yet an elegant, simplistic option as well. If you want to stick with something simple, traditional garage doors are the most popular due to their accessibility, budget-friendliness, and ability to go with anything.

New Garage Door Installation
modern Garage Door Installation


Modern garage doors are the most customizable option. These doors range from solid wood to asymmetrical to glass to everything in-between. Modern doors have become more popular due to the ability to contrast, like with a black door, for instance. You can opt for a window pattern, no windows at all, full glass garage door, single panel or sectional garage doors, and so much more!

Carriage House

Carriage style garage doors are a callback to when people used horses and carriages to get them from place to place. Also known as “barn style”, this classic style is timeless and requires low maintenance. Carriage style garage doors are the most durable, and can sustain inclement weather. You can also choose to affix the decorative “X” hardware to the face of a carriage garage door.

carriage house Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation Materials

Technology and availability have made garage doors extremely customizable. Pro Garage Doors has experience installing garage doors in high-end residential neighborhoods. We offer customers nothing but the best materials to choose from since the garage door is the face of their home. The material of your garage door not only plays a big role in the overall look, but also in how long your new garage door will last.

  • Aluminum– Clean, lightweight, compliments and pairs well with glass garage doors
  • Wood– Very heavy, sturdy, well insulated
  • Glass– Customizable, needs reinforcement, creates a new modern feel
  • Steel– Very durable, used as a reinforcer, low-maintenance
full-view Garage Door Installation

The Top Brands for Garage Door Installation

Depending on the style you choose, there are more brands that supply it than others. Pro Garage Doors works with the top brand, C.H.I. Doors, but we have access to every brand! We work with only the best to make sure that you get quality materials no matter who you choose. If there’s a design you want, and a brand makes it, we can get it!

Contact Pro Garage Doors for New Garage Door Installation

We’re excited to start the new garage door installation of your dreams near Redding CA and Chico CA! Pro Garage Doors will quickly respond to your questions or requests. We can help you get the perfect new door for your home within the means of your budget. Browse our Design Gallery to view our past projects, and design your door with Pro Garage Doors today!

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