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Same-Day Scheduling for Garage Door Spring Replacement

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When a garage door spring breaks, it can mess up your whole day. All of a sudden, you’re trapped in your garage, unable to get out. Every time you try to open your garage door, it slams shut. This is most likely because of a broken garage door spring. Pro Garage Doors offers garage door spring replacement for all of our clients in Redding CA and Chico CA.

When your garage door spring needs to be replaced, give Pro Garage Doors a call at (530) 776-4204. We offer same-day scheduling, so you can get out of your garage faster. Our technicians are highly trained in all areas of garage door spring replacement. We’ll make sure that your garage door is back to normal in no time.

We make sure our technicians know just what to do when you need a broken spring repair. Our trucks are fully stocked with high-cycle replacement parts so that your door can get fixed as soon as possible. Contact us today when you’re in need of garage door spring replacement.

The Importance of Spring Replacement

When you have a garage door spring that breaks, it’s important not to attempt to operate your garage door. Garage door springs hold the tension necessary to easily lift a door that weighs several hundred pounds. When the spring is broken, all of this tension can cause the garage door to slam shut or the spring to shoot out. It can become very dangerous to interact with your garage door with a broken garage door spring.

Common Signs You Need a Broken Spring Replacement

  • Your garage door opens at an angle.
  • Your garage door starts to open/close and then stops/reverses.
  • You notice 3-4″ gaps in the coils of your springs.
  • Your springs are over 10 years old.
  • You heard a loud snap from your garage.
  • Your motor is running but your garage door isn’t moving.
  • You hear a grinding noise when your door operates.
  • Your garage door won’t move.
  • You notice loose or hanging coils.

As soon as you realize that you have a broken garage door spring, contact us to schedule a broken garage door spring replacement. Our technicians will be able to safely replace your garage door springs so that your garage door functions safely and smoothly once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most garage door springs will last for about 10,000 cycles. A cycle means one full opening and closing of the garage door. If you opened your garage door twice a day, your springs would likely last around thirteen years. Most garage door springs will last 10-12 years, as people use their garage doors more often than that.

We recommend replacing both springs when one of them breaks. Since they were installed at the same time and have similar lifespans, they will break around the same time. If one breaks, the other will soon follow. It will save a lot of time to replace them both together.

We don’t recommend attempting to use your garage door at all when it has a broken spring. It can cause injury to you, your kids and pets, or your possessions. Let a professional handle the spring replacement for you.

Contact Us for a Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Replacement

When you have a broken garage door spring, contact us right away! Pro Garage Doors can expertly and safely provide a broken garage door spring replacement in Redding CA and Chico CA. We’ll get your garage door working perfectly again in no time. Call us at (530) 776-4204 today! Don’t wait for your garage door to get worse, contact us now!